The Importance Of Ethics In Internet Marketing

Nowadays, everyone wants to make money online. The problem is some people have bad intentions and they are trying to scam newbies and steal their money. There are a lot of things that are done unethically on the Internet, for example, I am sure you have heard of Black Hat SEO and of White Hat Seo? Well, we see these two terms being used a lot but do you know what they really mean? It’s simple, White Hat Search Engine Optimization focuses on building links manually in order to raise the organic traffic of a website but as well as the rankings in the SERPS. It is the ‘ ethical way’ of raising the organic traffic for a website (coming from the Search Engines). Black Hat Seo is more focused on spamming and using softwares that will automate tasks. It is the wrong way of raising a website’s rankings but some of them do it. With the recent trends of Internet marketing, you can notice that more and more people are trying to do things unethically and scam newbies. Well, I am not surprised, it was to be expected because Internet marketing has been around since 1997 and some people are trying to make money the easy way but there are no fast ways to make money on the Internet. The worst part in all of this is that if you do things unethically, it will hurt your branding and credibility!

I always believe that before setting up a business (offline or online), you have to ask yourself if what you are doing is really ethical? Is my business satisfiying clients? Am I stealing people’s money? It’s logical, some people thinks that since they are behind computer screens, they won’t receive complaints or be penalized if they do things unethically! Mind you this isn’t true, have you heard of the recent story of the USA’s Governement (FBI) shutting down 3 poker sites because of frauding? : CNN MONEY . Because of people like these, poker affiliates are paying for these acts!

Don’t forget that  ” An entrepreneur is known to be someone who finds solutions to problems and makes a profits doing so… ”  I love this quote. Entreneurship is all about finding a solution to a problem! I will make sure to have a post (list) on the top ” Entrepreneurs Quotes” in the future as some of they are really interesting. We have to know our roles as Entrepreneurs!

Here are some things you should consider:

  • Ethical Affiliate Marketing

    If you are an affiliate, you do know that there are a lot of ways to make money with affiliate marketing the ” Bad Way ”. Some literally scam their affiliate links in forums, twitter,etc. This ISN’T the way to make money with affiliate marketing, not only does it not work but you will create yourself a bad reputation as an affiliate! Why don’t you create a review affiliate site or blog? Mind you this is the way most of affiliate make money today. Pick a quality product (do some researching) and write a review about it and make sure to have your affiliate links in the review. Even better, if you have used the product, it will be even easier to write a review! Make sure you are promoting your affiliate links the right way and not spamming….that is all!
  • Ethical Blogging

    What is ethical blogging? Well, it’s simple, since blogging is more of a writing concept….you have to make sure what you are saying to your audience is acceptable. Don’t you see all these autoblogs today? Some people will steal our content and monetize it and make money after generating some traffic. Yes, it does provide free backlinks to us but do you know that some of us do take time to write content? I write content all by myself, I never outsource it. I love writing and blogging way too much to not write the content of my blog.  Do not lie to your audience and be straight forward!
  • Ethical Traffic Generation

    As I have explained, there are also ‘Good’ and ‘ Bad’ ways to generate traffic. You can outsource SEO or Link Building but try to not automate it too much. Some of these seo firms have a large number of employees and they create links for you manually whether it’s forum profile links, blog commenting,etc. I am sure you have heard of ‘Xrumer’ which is a software used for Black Hat SEO. If Google finds out that you are using these techniques, you will be slapped pretty fast!  There are also some rumours that some well-known bloggers have used Black Hat techniques to boost their website’s traffic but I won’t list any name as I am not that type of person. I prefer learning from all of this….there is no fast way to success, you have to work hard for it (especially on the Internet) but the rewards will be big. Don’t be spammy and try to increase your traffic slowly!
  • Ethical Email Marketing

    I am sure you have received emails from the so called ”Gurus” spamming you or promoting you low quality products. When you ask these Guru’s as to why they are promoting crappy products to their list? They will reply you that it’s because of a JV partnership. You do not to always have to please your friends. Your list is important and it is the core of your business. Why would you promote them garbage? You have nothing to gain from this because you will end up wasting your subscribers money and time and you will also lose a lot of subscribers. Yes, the ‘ Money is In the List’ , that’s only if you threat your subscribers the right way. Also, there are a lot of low quality products on Clickbank lately and Clickbank has decided it is enough and has taken some actions recently: Clickbank To Crackdown On Spammy Make Money Online Offers. Do some research and read reviews because this will help you to know what to promote to your list!
  • Ethical Branding

    Another question you should ask to yourself is that am I lying to my audience? This is something I learned the hard way. I have been calling myself ”Well Known”, in fact I have written this as description of my site :  Make Money Online Fast And Free With The Well Known Expert: Fazal Mayar. I removed it recently, why? Because you can’t lie to your visitors or readers, they AREN’T stupid. Sure, you will have a big part of audience that are newbies but you will also have readers or visitors that have a lot of knowledge about Internet marketing and Blogging. Do not lie to your audience, as simple as that. As the famous quote says : Don’t Fake It Untill You Make It. I can’t call myself a Guru yet because I am not but when I will be a ‘Guru’ and a ‘ Super Affiliate Blogger’ (mind you this is still present in my description), I will edit my description and will be comfortable to make such claims!
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