Let’s fight and promote ethical Internet marketing

A bit of time ago, I have put the focus on ethics in Internet marketing. Well, a lot of Internet marketers of today make big promises but in reality, they just want your money. A lot of scams and big promises but nothing of quality. This is a reality and you can see it on Clickbank with different products promising the ” One Button ” that will make you rich. They are mostly in the Internet marketing niche (make money online).

Making money online is definitely not short terms and will require a lot of work and a good business model. A course or e-book should be one that shows you the basics of creating a successful online business. For example: How to buy a domain and hosting, create content and market it.

What do you have to say on all of this? Some people actually cared and complained and Clickbank has changed some of it’s rulings. We should also do something.

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