Freedom Income Formula Review

Freedom income formula was created by Simon Stanley, who is a successful Internet marketer. It is a membership program that offers training on how to build a solid business online. Firstly, when visiting the official website, you will be able to get a free gift. This gift includes 3 free videos but after that you would need to pay 47$. Normally, the price would be 297$ but you would have a 250$ discount.

They say Freedom Income Formula is a “free gift,” however it is not much of a gift. You do get 3 free videos when you sign up, but after that you have to buy the Freedom Income Formula package. It is supposedly normally $297 but you would get a 250$ discount. For 47$ monthly, you would be able to join a membership program. You will get access to a private online community, periscope, a secret cheat sheet, to the FIF Mindset Transformation Pack and to Never Work Again seminars and to video blogs as well. You will also get 8 videos and here are the titles: 1) Big Picture video, 2) Secret on how to create a lead attraction magnet, 3) How to reach out to your list, 4) Setting up your secret ” fishing hole ”, 5) Creating short messages and grabbing attention, 6) Create income streams that multiply your profits, 7) and 8) How to Attract Buyers. This program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. 

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