Fazal Mayar is a blogger from Canada (Montreal). A simple, honest and passionate blogger who likes writing. I have always loved writing, I have written over 1000+ articles/reviews on this blog because that’s what I like doing in life. I spend over 5+ hours a day writing on my blog as I don’t like working for others. I don’t like the ” 9-5 ” regular schedule or job. I would like to make enough income to be an Entrepreneur and live the ” Internet Lifestyle ”, which is being on a laptop from anywhere in the World and enjoy life. 

As you know, Clickbank is an internet retailer of top quality lifestyle products allowing manufacturers to sell their products & digital marketers to promote them. Clickbank mostly offers e-books (PDF), softwares and digital products/services on all topics. On this blog, you can simply use the search function and find out a Clickbank product on a specific topic you would like. We are a multi niche website and that’s what makes us unique on the Web.In the future, we won’t just focus on Clickbank but we will focus on Amazon and other platforms and services that most people use and trust. 

On Clickbank, there are over 100 niches but the most popular are obviously: dating, weight loss; self-development and health.Here at RicherOrNot, I review Clickbank products.I like writing and i like reviewing legit Clickbank products that have a low refund rate. If you had a bad experience with a certain product, we would like you to share it with us. If you see a low quality Clickbank product on this blog, you can email to me and I will remove it right away. We value ethics a lot on this blog. Clickbank also offers a 60-day money back guarantee (refund), if you aren’t satisfied with a certain product. 

Here is the Clickbank stamp/logo for that and you will see it a lot in my posts:


I believe in ethical Internet marketing and as well as product belief! My domain name ” Richer Or Not ” comes from rap lyrics of King Chip – Fat Raps song : ” Aye, in this lifetime you only get richer or not ”. I have used my writing skills to create reviews of Clickbank products so people know what to expect in terms of the product’s price and content.

Good Content is King!  

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